America: Divided

Growing up in England, I was in awe of the USA. It really did seem to be a fantastic land of legendary achievements and cool Americana. From Westerns to Elvis and the Statue of Liberty, it seemed America was the promised land.

Skip forward to the last decade, and since I’ve been living here the media combined with the polarized politics, where it seems like there’s no other options than left vs right, good vs bad, us vs them. Well it seems to have taken away the essential spark that made this once great country a superpower. No, I’m not talking about all the Nuclear Bombs – heck, even our most inept enemies can make those now. No, I’m referring to what the letter U stands for in USA. I’ll end this with something you’ll never here an Englishman say: “Go Figure”.

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I’m an Englishman, an Artist and a troublemaker! I always try to follow my own path, my own philosophy, and figure things out by myself. You might recognize a few of the faces on these watercolor illustrations. Please Like, comment & Subscribe.

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